Talented photographer Siân Ashleigh returns with a marvelous series featuring stunning, sexy models Jenny Annabelle and Teegan Hyde. Siân’s vision and style are unique and wonderful, and this editorial is no exception. Enjoy these excellent photographs, shot at sultry 23 Paul Street in London, UK.

Photographer: Siân Ashleigh — instagram.com/sheshoots__

Model: Jenny Annabelle —instagram.com/jennyannabelle_

Model: Teegan Hyde — instagram.com/teeganhyde

Location: 23 Paul Street (London) — instagram.com/23paulstreet

Network: Makani — makani.io; instagram.com/makani

Planets, stars, and galaxies aligned when photographer Siân Ashleigh set up a collaboration with models Jenny Annabelle and Teegan Hyde. And shooting at sultry, magical 23 Paul Street in London was a perfect decision. Whether posing on sofa, by cocktail cart, or in front of velvety curtains, Jenny and Teegan are phenomenal, and they look spectacular together. They are not shy about sharing their perfect bodies for the camera. Yes, they show their asses. And their tits. But they look amazing whether nude or donning playful lingerie. As we publish these photos, 23 Paul Street in London is closed due to COVID, but we wish them well as they plan to reopen soon (we hope).

We love Siân Ashleigh’s vibrant, sexy photography style. She works with wonderful models in perfect locations to create provocative, sexy, and fun worlds.

Be sure to follow Jenny at instagram.com/jennyannabelle_, Teegan at instagram.com/teeganhyde, and of course Siân at instagram.com/sheshoots__. Teegan also has several other online accounts to check out: linktr.ee/xoteegan. And encourage these three talented ladies to contribute more work to Traaaw!

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