Alyssa Rose nude breasts boobs tits by Marc T.

Wonderful portraits of stunning brunette model Alyssa Rose nude shot by photographer Marc T.

Photographer: Marc T. —

Model: Alyssa Rose

In the portfolio of Belgium-based photographer Marc T., striking and intimate images of women’s bodies and limbs integrate his tender visual language with storytelling and narrative scenes. For the artist, photography represents a form of communication between the subject, photographer, and viewer, as he aims to depict vulnerability with every photograph he takes.

Spanning the fields of photography and culture since the ’70s, when he met Cecil Beaton, Marc’s shots go beyond the exterior world of his models so that he can reach a level of intimacy that slowly opens us to a wider sense of human connection. The artist is very much interested in the relationships we have with our bodies and how that can educate us about our own.

He reckons, “I first discovered photography in the late 1970’s, when I started to understand it was more than just taking nice pictures, there was kind of a magic involved. My mother was a seamstress and we had piles of fashion magazines at home. As a kid, I was fascinated by all those photographs. I think the deep reasons why I became a photographer are there in those magazines.

I left Belgium, my home country, to go to London. I was a quite problematic child at school and I aspired to have absolute freedom and not be enclosed in a frame. Also at those times, it was normal for young people to become Punk I think, just to swim against the mainstream. London was calling. I will never forget that moment in the spring ’77 when I had this incredible chance to meet Cecil Beaton. From that day I knew I wanted to become a photographer, my real passion was born. From then on nothing will be ever the same again. I never stopped photographing since then.”

About his style, Marc T. says “The naked or nude body is a wonder that needs to be photographed, with this project I’m willing to capture the nudity without limits and to translate the primary beauty and elegance of a body. In this project, I’m searching to photograph the natural body, the body in its purest form with all its beauty and imperfections, the body as is. The absolute beauty of the body is not a sexualized representation but a pure aesthetic vision of the natural naked body.”

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