The Song That Wasn’t

Photographer Zeno Gill shoots fish-eye portraits of model Anna Lisa Wagner topless in striped pants. Anna’s long legs are mind-blowing. And her natural breasts are phenomenal.

Photographer: Zeno Gill — zenogillphotography.com, instagram.com/zenopox
Model: Anna Lisa Wagner — instagram.com/anna_lisa_wagner

We love these photographs that Zeno Gill and Anna Lisa Wagner created on a rooftop in Manhattan. Zeno used a fish-eye lens to emphasize Anna’s statuesque frame and incredible legs. And, of course, Anna is never shy about showing her amazing boobs. We love Anna Lisa Wagner striped or not. Anna lives out in the US desert, and Zeno lives in NYC. But they have collaborated several times, creating wonderful, sexy photos. Here are a few of the other stories they have contributed to Traaaw:

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