Olya Kotyk lingerie sexy by Dasha Fedorovska

Talented photographer Dasha Fedorovska has contributed a wonderful series of photos to Traaaw. “Back to the Future” features several intimate portraits of two different beautiful models: Masha Pylypchuk and Olya Kotyk.


Photographer: Dasha Fedorovska — instagram.com/fedorovska_

Model: Masha Pylypchuk — instagram.com/masha.pylypchuk/

Model: Olya Kotyk — instagram.com/olya.kotyk/

The first four photos feature stunning model Olya Kotyk. Dasha photographs Olya wearing an incredibly sexy yellow bra and panties set. She is not shy about sharing her beautiful body for the lens, and Dasha does a fantastic job of capturing the beauty.

The second four photos feature gorgeous Masha Pylychuk. Masha wears amazing, sexy fishnet stockings for the “Back to the Future” shoot. She has a gorgeous face, a wonderful body, and even great hair. There is warmth to her portraits, especially when we see her on all fours by a window with cold, snowy city streets outside.

We at Traaaw are extremely happy that Dasha Fedorovska shared some her splendid photography with us, and we are of course pleased to share these images with our friends here. We hope to see more constributions from Dasha soon!

Of course please take a moment to follow Dasha at https://instagram.com/fedorovska_, Olya at https://www.instagram.com/olya.kotyk/, and Masha at https://www.instagram.com/masha.pylypchuk/. And if you haven’t already followed us on Instagram, please find us at https://www.instagram.com/traaawmag/.

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