Arina Bik nude model

Beautiful model Arina Bik building a fortress.

Photographer: Victor Trusov —

Model: Arina Bik —

Camera: Pentax 67II

Film: Fujifilm Pro400H and Kodak T-MAX 100

From Victor: “In my works I’m trying to study relationships between people and their homes. I want to show such things as privacy, intimacy, and the feeling of being protected. I’m also trying to connect it with some ideas about the human body. It’s obvious that all these things: our body, our clothes, our home – are some kind of layers around our mind. And that’s why, for example, we can easily be naked in our house: we have an extra layer of protection from the outside world and other people. In that series Arina basically built one more layer – a fortress between me and her. The viewer ruined her privacy, so it’s not comfortable anymore for her to be herself.”

Victor Trusov did not originally intend for the final images in this story to be part of it, but Traaaw agrees with him that they offer a lovely conclusion.

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