Henna Nueller - busty Henna holding can of Cento tomatoes with her big natural boobs

Photographer Zeno Gill shoots film photographs of amazing model Henna (aka Henna Nueller) and her natural tits with a can of Cento tomatoes in Brooklyn, NY, US.

Photographer: Zeno Gill — zenogillphotography.com; instagram.com/zenopox

Model: Henna —instagram.com/hennan.model/hennamodel.tumblr.com/

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Zeno Gill shot these creative portraits on film in Brooklyn, NY, US. Some are double exposures. It looks like they may have used a red backdrop, which works great with the logo on the can of tomatoes.

Henna (aka Henna Nueller, aka Henna Kollwitz) has been dazzling the world with her gorgeous face, slim figure, playful pixie hair-cuts, and incredible large, natural boobs for years. Rumor has it, this stunning, sexy model may be getting a breast reduction soon. If so, we wish her the best during the procedure and the recovery! And we thank her for participating in several wonderful features here at Traaaw Magazine. She has never been shy about showing off her magnificent body and spectacular real boobs. Her content is always great because she is obviously an thoughtful, artful model not content to create standard glam or boudoir content. BigBoobsAlert has this to say about Henna: “When you would meet Henna Kollwitz with her baggy clothes on, you wouldn’t think for second she would be busty. You would give her A-Cup most likely or a B-cup tops. So that’s how I started looking at these pictures. Even with just her bra on I did’t expect much. But you’re up for a surprise when Henna is topless, I think many of her lovers were suprised too.” Her cup size is definitely much bigger than an A or a B. It’s probably DD or DDD. It’s impressive that she can hold an unopened can of tomatoes between those incredible tits. On her slim frame, her breasts are amazing and certainly noteworthy. We hope to feature even more photography with her in the future!

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