Marina Koizumi natural tits

Beautiful tattoed nude model Marina Koizumi shot in the desert by photographer Jose Piña.

Photographer: Jose Piña —;

Model: Marina Koizumi —

These pictures are part of the project “Casual Love” shot by Jose Piña.

This project of nude photographs therefore speaks to us of chance and finitude, but also of a need and a search. We find in these photos a body integrated into nature as just another element. So much so that it almost camouflages or dissolves in the overwhelming natural environment. The body, contorted and twisted, shows the folds and edges that compose it and resemble the textures of the nature that surrounds it.

This feeling of love that implies dissolving into the other, into the natural, is not definitive; often, the models return the gaze and become human subjects in all their fullness. The elements that mark the body, such as tattoos or piercings, although primitive, mark a specific period and move away from any pretence of an impostured classicism and place it within the contemporary framework of the debate on the representation of the naked body.

This project does not show an idealised model of woman, although the bodies are full of fullness and beauty, they are also marked by all the textures and marks that denote the carnality and temporality of the human creature.

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